Friday, August 21, 2009

The Rolls

These rolls are so easy to make and they are to die for in the fresh rolls department! I also got this fabulous recipe from Janette (my sister the cooking queen), I through in a few added things to make it my own. It makes about 32, so I cut it in half and we have enough for a couple meals.

2c Milk( remember we are switching to 1% or Skim)
1c Sugar
1c Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2t Salt
2 Eggs
1T and 1/2tsp Yeast
8c Flour (go 1/2 whole wheat 1/2 white)
1tsp Cinnimon
1/2 c Warm Water

1. Add the yeast and 1tsp sugar to the 1/2c warm water and stir until dissolved, set aside for a few minutes until it doubles in size
2. Warm milk in the microwave for 1 minute, Add milk, sugar, oil and Salt
3.Add 2c Flour, Beat in eggs and then add yeast mixture
4. Slowly mix in flour 2c at a time, using a spoon as needed to take from the sides.
5.Once all the flour is added, Cover the bowl and let it rise for 3 hrs( or out in the az summer sun for 1 hr)
6. Once the dough has risen considerably divide into 3 balls, roll out like a pizza and use a pizza cutter to cut it into triangles, the roll into cresant roll shape
7. It says to let them rise in the cookie sheets for one more hour but I never do! I just cook them at 325 for 15-20 minutes. They won't turn brown unless they are burnt so depending on how your oven cooks you decide. I always choose an in between number because I want them cooked but soft. Enjoy